Book Review – The P.I. Witch: The Witch, The Prince & the Evil Jester (Part 1)

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If you love a book that has the classic Fairytale creatures and mystery, The P.I. Witch: The Witch, The Prince & the Evil Jester (Part 1) is the book for your reading needs.


The story follows P. I. Witch, Jayson Santos as he mourns the loss of an old friend and mentor, a Sorceress named Agatha.

Of course it’s revealed that Agatha’s death brings a lot more drama than anyone can anticipate, one of which involves Jayson’s ex-husband, Prince Nathaniel Echoes coming back into the Witch’s life.

But Jason and Nathaniel’s reunion is cut short when a Demonic assassin attacks them causing Jayson to reveal a huge revelation and the rise of an Evil Jester kidnapping Magic School Students doesn’t help make anything easier for the Witch.

If you’re a fan of ‘Charmed‘ ‘Once Upon a Time‘, and ‘Dante’s Cove‘ and Fairytales in general, then you’d definitely enjoy this novella!

I thought this was an adorable story. You have love, you have history, ogres, princesses, princes, witches, shapeshifters, and more. It starts off with a high school student who, in detail, looks like a pig. He has the ability to conjure up this evil being called Rowan No End. Anyways, this kid is bullied, conjures up Rowan No End, and poof! The kid goes missing. The Dean at the school calls Jayson, who has a past with Nathaniel. So, of course, Nathaniel tags along, and helps Jayson solve the mystery.

You are time traveled between the present time, and as far as 1519. I love how the story jumps around to different times, and you are introduced to new characters, and finding out how everyone is connected. Like I said earlier, adorable.

I give Edwin’s story 5 stars, and I cannot wait to read the next book. I hope it was just as fun as reading part one. Good job Edwin!

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Day 22 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Emily F. Rose

Now, I am going to be a little biased here lol. She is my bestie, she is the godmother of my child. And I was with her before Christian even became a fallen guardian. Her Fallen Guardian series is something for everyone. Yes, it would be considered paranormal romance. But, you have fallen angels, demons, witches, psychics, and other creatures that you will fall in love with.

She just recently came out with book 3 of the Fallen Guardians series, Faithfully Entangled. Ok, so to catch you up, Book 1 is Divinely Entwined, which features Christian, Book 2 is Bound in Fate which features Manuel, and Book 3 is Faithfully Entangled which features Nicholas. One of the demons will remind you of Crowley from Supernatural.

On top of the series she is writing, she also has a poetry book that will steam up your life, hee hee hee. She is 1/3 of Sinful Smutters (You really need to follow them on facebook here

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