Media Madness Monday – 30 Books Turned Into Movies

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I love books.  I love movies.  There are some books I liked more than the movies.  There are movies I liked more than the books.  Same goes with television shows.  Why is that?  Is it the writing?  Is it the characters chosen for that part in the movie or television show?  Is it the acting? Here is a list of my favorite books turned into movies and television shows (there are books here that I recommend, but I refuse to read again.  Not because it wasn’t good, which they are beautifully written, but they were traumatic for me, and I will always love them):

A Walk to Remember – This one is a toss up.  The book was brilliantly written, and Mandy Moore obviously made me cry.

The Blind Side – Fan of football, fan of the book, fan of the movie.  Enough said

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – One of my favorites!!! I read all the books growing up, I was in the school play, and I loved the movie.  Both renditions.  The first movie was fabulously done, and will always be my favorite.  The second one fit quite nicely in with my Tim Burton collection 😉

Charlotte’s Web – I prefer the book.  Even after the remake of the cartoon form the eighties.  I am not against the movie in any means (when I was a child, I watched the movie first), but there is just something about areas of the story that make me cry I try to avoid lol.

Coraline – I liked the book more, my daughter loves the movie.  She watched it every night since she was in diapers . . . she’s eleven now.

The Davinci Code – I have to go with the movie.  There is just something about Tom Hanks who brings a character to life that just sucks me into the movie.

Devil Wears Prada – I liked the movie better than the book.  Meryl Streep as Miranda? Come on!!! I enjoyed watching her with the way she carried herself, how she portrayed the character.

Ella Enchanted – I have to say that I loved the book more.  When it comes to fantasy books such as this one that makes my imagination soar, and I liked the movie in my head more than on the screen.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – I love anything fairies.  Needless to say, I love the story, and I love the play.  Now, when I say play, I meant the play, not the movie.  The play is a movie, but not like the one with Michelle Pfeiffer.  Adrian Noble is the director of this play version.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Ok, hear me out on this one.  I look at the story, and not how it is written.  But, I do have to say, and many women have agreed with me on this one.  Christian Grey is definitely hotter in the book.

The First Wives Club – Do you want a good laugh?  Do you want a heart warming story?  I recommend both the book and the movie.

Frankenstein – This book is dear to my heart.  My favorite movie?  I recommend the one with Robert DiNero.

Fried Green Tomatoes – I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Even though it is one of those that rocked my emotions growing up, it is one of those that I will read/watch again . . . If I am alone.

Girl, Interrupted – Loved both the book and the movie.  Brilliantly done.

Interview with the Vampire – Love Anne Rice.  Anne Rice’s books are extremely detailed, and I loved how she had a hand in making the movie.  The movie went very well with the book.

It – Not going to lie, clowns freak me out.  That is what makes the book perfect. My favorite movie?  The one with Tim Curry . . . gotta go old school.

Julie and Julia – If you never read the book, or watched the movie, you will be SHOCKED.  It made me see Julia Child in a whole different way.  But, she was a brilliant cook.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – I grew up reading the books.  I grew up watching the movie(s).  I prefer the books.

Of Mice & Men – Another favorites that I will never read/watch again.  Read/watched in my freshman year of high school.  It was a story that was brilliantly written, I loved the story.  But,of course, there is that one part that I avoid at all times.

Riding in Cars with Boys – Loved both the movie and the book.  It was wonderfully written, and Drew Barrymore playing the main character was intriguing.

Romeo & Juliet – Great play.  My recommended movie?  Not a lot of people will agree with me on this one, but I have to say the one with Leonardo DiCaprio in it.  I just loved the colors, and scenes in it.

Schindler’s List – This one was a tough one.  On both sides.  I am the type of person that will enjoy something even if it makes me cry, or raise my blood pressure.  But, once is enough for me.  Ask my husband lol.  I read this book in high school, and we watched the movie afterwards.  This is a highly recommended book/movie.

The Secret Garden – I prefer the book.  I watched the different movies based on this book since I was a kid.  I still prefer the book.

The Shining – Another Stephen King book.  Recommend both the book and the movie.

The Stepford Wives – This is a ridiculous story lol.  But it was bad*** as well.  You look at the book and the movie, and you think, it’s about wives?  It is more than that . . . wait until the end.

True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse novels) – You were probably waiting for me to add this, weren’t you?  I have to admit, I was a little shocked that after the first season/first book, they both went completely different ways, but at the same time, telling the same story.  I recommend both.

Twilight – I think I just heard everyone groan about this lol.  Hear me out.  I did not look at the book the way it was written, I looked at the book as a story.  Even you have to admit, it was different.  And, yes, I liked both the book and the movie.

Where the Heart Is – Oh, the baby born in a Walmart.  Does anyone remember that story back in the nineties? I remember hearing the story on the news, and there was a book that came out, and shortly after, a movie.  Loved everything about it.  You will laugh, you will definitely cry, and you will fall in love with it.

Where the Red Fern Grows – Again, another great one I had to read in school, and made me cry. I, of course, had to read . . . the part, so in case there was questions that was asked I can answer.  But when we had to watch the movie . . . I asked to go to the bathroom . . . at that part lol.

World War Z – Ok, I have to admit, I loved this story even though it was about zombies.  But, this story really stood out to me.  Why?  FINALLY A ZOMBIE STORY THAT HAS A SOLUTION BESIDES GOING TO AN ISLAND!!! Loved both the book and the movie.

Now, this is not even half of what I have read/seen.  These are just SOME of my favorites.  I have enough to write another post about this some other time.

What do you recommend?  What is your favorite book turned movie?  Did you like the book or the movie more? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Media Madness Monday – Nathan Fillion

Image result for nathan fillionIt is super cold.  Husband is gone to do something, kiddo is in her room gaming, puppo wrapped up in a blanket.  Here I am bundled up in a blanket, watching one of my favorite shows, Castle.  The nerd in me has a HUGE crush on Nathan Fillion, ever since 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place when he played Johnny.  There is just something so adorable about him.

You are probably wondering why I am including Nathan Fillion in a title of a post called “Media Madness Monday” .  It is because he was in my favorite TV shows and movies that involved books.  In Castle, he plays Richard Castle, a mystery writer who is friends with fellow authors such as James Patterson, and others whom he gets ideas on solving murders that happen in the show that he would be confused about.  He is partnered with Kate Beckett, an NYPD detective, whom he bases his Nikki Heat series (yes, they actually do sell those books, under Richard Castle, check it out . . . seriously).  There is a lot of flirting back and forth between the two characters, until they finally get together after a few seasons, and . . . well, I won’t tell you the rest.

Another reason why I absolutely adore him is his role in Much Ado About Nothing, where he plays Dogberry.  Have you ever seen this rendition?  It is black and white, and is in true William Shakespeare language.  The movie is up there with my Midsummer Nights Dream (no, not the one with Michelle Pfeiffer).

Outside of the book realm, he plays my favorite captain, Captain Malcolm in Firefly.  Unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season.  Which is surprising since it has a lot of followers, as well as spinoffs.

What is your favorite Nathan Fillion character?  Or maybe favorite murder mystery stories? Any recommendations for me to try?