Day 18 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – K. T. Rose

It is just amazing on what goes on in someone’s mind when they create stories such as those that is in Macabre Tales series.

Synopsis for Jilted

Home is where the psychopath thrives.

Trev is in a desperate spot. He needs a fix to ease the cold sweats and teeth-clattering jitters. He’ll do anything to ease the pain, even the unthinkable.

Natalie is tired of being at home without her husband next to her. Fury boils deep in her gut, taking her back to a familiar dark place.

Phil had it all until a single event threatened to knock his life off-kilter. But Phil’s not going down without a fight.

In this horror short story collection, desperate souls set out on violent journeys filled with rage and deception in the hopes of maintaining their ‘perfect’ lives. Do they have what it takes to piece things back together or will their worlds continue to spiral out of control?

When I read books/short stories such as these, I really want to dig deep inside someone’s mind and see what they are thinking. It really does amaze me. K. T. Rose did not disappoint me, and had me on edge on each short.

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Day 14 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – John Bowen

When it comes to books with haunted houses, with a secret behind it, it makes me giddy. John Bowen is a genius with the Where the Dead Walk series.

Synopsis for Where the Dead Walk

For some, ghosts are no more than the wounds loved ones leave in their wake, haunting the living only with their absence. Others take a more literal view . . .

Kate Bennett, presenter of paranormal investigation cable TV show, ‘Where the Dead Walk’, isn’t sure what she believes, other than she seems cursed to lose all those closest to her.

After investigating a neglected cliff-top house, empty for a decade because it’s ‘haunted’, Kate in convinced a spirit within holds the answers to a childhood she can’t remember and an unimaginable crime.

What she can’t know is that the house’s owner, Sebastian Dahl, is searching for something too, and he intends to get it, whatever the cost.

John Bowen is a multi-genre author who has a collection of books. Everything from short stories to murder mysteries.

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