Day 31 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Stephen King

Yup, I saved the best for last . . . The King . . . Stephen King. Who else could it be? The guy who delivers the stuff of nightmares. Nothing cuddly, nothing cute . . . Just down right terrifying.

Everyone has a favorite Stephen King novel. I have a couple. The Shining, and Christine. Now, the story hits close to home, as my husband’s car actually tried to kill me . . . A couple of times. It never liked me.

It? Eh. Carrie? Um, YEAH!!! The Green Mile? Still tugs at the heart strings. I read it once, thought the movie might be a lighter. Nope. Scarred me right to my core.

Everyone has at least one of the based-on-the-book movies, my daughter loves It. I personally cannot read/watch it. I had a clown head for a bank when I was a kid, and it still terrifies me just thinking of it.

As you can see, I love Stephen King. And I had to save him for last. His stories are overly dramatic, and/or extremely terrifying.

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Day 26 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Jay Anson

Amityville Horror. I think the movie (the many versions), were more terrifying than the book itself. I read the book, all of it, and sat there thinking to myself, why, in the movies, was it more terrifying? Is it because they just exaggerated a little more for box office ratings? Was there something I may have missed?

Anyways, the reason why I put the book in here, is even though the book was really not that interesting, it inspired so many different adaptations in film. I mean, my mind plays tricks on me all the time, that is why I cannot sleep with the lights off on purpose. My mind is really overactive. So, of course, the movies will raise my blood pressure, and scare me a bit (yes, I do believe in ghosts, as I have been attacked before). But, the book really felt like a campfire scary story.

I may be wrong. It may have scared you, and if it has, AWESOME!!!

What is your favorite media on the story? Book or film. If film, which one?