Blog Tour Stop: Time to Refresh by Karen Brown Tyson

Where was this book when I lost my job two days after my birthday back in February? LOL. I mean seriously, this book could have saved me some trouble of going through the unknown.

Time to Refresh is a book about what to do when you are laid off, fired, or you are in the sidelines. Religious or not, this book is for anyone who has been through what I had been through.

It is a refreshing book to know that you are definitely taken care of from a higher power. And, that you are not alone.

It delivers patience, instructions on how to get to the next step of unemployment (no, not unemployment insurance), but to know what to do.

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Day 31 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Stephen King

Yup, I saved the best for last . . . The King . . . Stephen King. Who else could it be? The guy who delivers the stuff of nightmares. Nothing cuddly, nothing cute . . . Just down right terrifying.

Everyone has a favorite Stephen King novel. I have a couple. The Shining, and Christine. Now, the story hits close to home, as my husband’s car actually tried to kill me . . . A couple of times. It never liked me.

It? Eh. Carrie? Um, YEAH!!! The Green Mile? Still tugs at the heart strings. I read it once, thought the movie might be a lighter. Nope. Scarred me right to my core.

Everyone has at least one of the based-on-the-book movies, my daughter loves It. I personally cannot read/watch it. I had a clown head for a bank when I was a kid, and it still terrifies me just thinking of it.

As you can see, I love Stephen King. And I had to save him for last. His stories are overly dramatic, and/or extremely terrifying.

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