Day 6 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Mark Lopez

About Mike Lopez

Mark Lopez was born and raised in the beautiful State of Colorado.

He spends his time writing unmatchable fiction and enjoying the little things like has to offer.

Synopsis for Mother’s Wrath: Manmade Apocalypse Series

If you could live forever, would she let you?

James and Rick created a formula that had the possibility to give eternal life. The wrong people began abusing it and learned how to control the world through manipulation and propoganda. Things got way out of hand and a lot of the population paid the price with their lives. Now can the problem be fixed before mother nature takes her revenge! Find out in part 3 of the series Who wants to live forever.

My Review of Mother’s Wrath: Manmade Apocalypse Series

Honestly? I thought this was a standalone until I finished reading it. I was shocked as it seemed like a story all on it own. So, don’t be confused, but I want to read the other two books now that I am addicted. I mean, come on! Acid rain? A different kind of apocalypse? It was a real page turner! I have followed Mark for a while now, and I absolutely adore him, I recommend that you follow him as well.

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