Day 19 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – P. W. Hillard

Again, here is another horror mystery novel for you mystery lovers. P. W. Hillard introduces you to the Special Investigations series with Blessed by Fire.

Synopsis for Blessed by Fire

Something sinister lurks in the town of Pontypridd, nestled between picturesque valleys. It whispers in Claire’s mind. It knows her secrets, her dark twisted desires. It can help her fulfill them, to complete her horrifying wish. All she needs to do is let it in.

The detectives of the secretive Special Investigations Department work tirelessly. They are the first and only line protecting mankind from the supernatural, and the supernatural from mankind. Detective Constables Jess Holden and Mark Curren head to the small Welsh town. Their task, to investigate a haunted house, and exorcise it if needed.

Caught between two supernatural foes, Mark and Jess turn to help with the unlikeliest places. Can the detectives trust their allies? Can they stop the growing threat before it threatens reality itself?

I love everything about Halloween, even the stories, and P. W. Hillard is definitely added to my list of go-to authors to celebrate this wonderful month!

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Day 17 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Alexandria Clarke

Who doesn’t love a mystery with terror? Coffee with Lacey introduces you to Alexandria Clarke and her Riveting Haunted House mysteries

Synopsis for Forgotten Secrets

In Doveport, teenaged girls disappear without a trace.

Bex Lennon has a gift, but using it could mean catastrophe. When her best friend’s teenaged daughter disappears, Ben must confront her fears head-on. For the first time in fifteen years, she accesses a hidden part of herself to uncover clues about the girl’s disappearance. The risk might be deadly.

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