The Education of Ellie by Jackie Calhoun

A book of drama and love between friends that was long ago.


Returning home to Pine Hill to attend her mother’s funeral Ellie sees her childhood friend Helen for the first time in thirty years. A lot has happened in thirty years. Both women are divorced with grown children and careers that satisfy them.

When Ellie stays on in Pine Hill to settle her mother’s estate, Helen jumps at the chance to resume their long lost friendship, and Ellie, despite reservations, can’t resist.

But with the years come a lot of baggage and the two women struggle with who they are now while fighting the painful memories of their first parting.

While they be able to move past their history to start again?

I really enjoyed The Education of Ellie. Ellie, who is introduced in the beginning at her mom’s funeral, with her grown daughters, learn a little bit about her briefly. You are suddenly introduced to Helen. Who has a very long, heart-breaking history.

Through the book, you are thrown between the past and the present. You learn more and more of how Ellie thinks, and how Helen became who she is. It truly is a heart-breaking story that makes you want to hug the ladies, because there was so much going on in their childhood, that at least one person had to go through the same thing in real life.

I really liked how Ellie opened her heart up to Helen, even though it was a tough decision for her to make. I am really glad that Helen persisted lol. I felt that those two really were meant to be together.

I give the book 5 stars, the way it was written, how the characters interacted with each other, how descriptive it was, how addicting it was (are they going to get together?), and just overall the story.

What is your favorite heart-breaking story?

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The Lavender House Murder by Nikki Baker

Read a murder mystery that introduces you to a handful of women that stays in The Lavender House


By night – the bars, the music, the sexual energy.

By day – the beaches, the bay . . . Basking in the sun and the scent of suntan lotion.

And everywhere the women of Provincetown.

Among these women in the sun is Afro-American Virginia Kelly, on vacation apart from lover Emily.

Ginny has come to P-town with friend Naomi. They stay at Lavender House, a hotel for lesbians run by Sam, a woman with whom Naomi has had some dramatic history.

Other inhabitants include a “helper” named Anya. A writer and sometime guest named Joan. Loud Barb and her quiet partner. And in P-Town itself, a “car girl” Ginny is very much drawn to.

Then . . . Murder shatters the vacation bliss. For among the people brushing up against Ginny and Naomi for these few sensual days is a ruthless killer. And a victim whose death will change the lives of Ginny and Naomi.

Don’t miss this intriguing, sexy, highly contemporary novel. Nikki Baker, author of In the Game, is an authentic new Black voice in mystery fiction.

Now, I do not know about you, but I could not put this book down. I absolutely loved it, I stayed up all night to read this intriguing mystery, all the way up until almost midnight New Years Eve. Round of applause to Nikki. Great piece of work. Glad to know it was the last book of 2018. Great book to close a somewhat eventful year.

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