Blog Tour Stop: Rose-Colored Glasses by Jo Ann Simon

Everyone has been exposed to losing a loved one. I lost almost an entire family in about a year. Reading Rose-Colored Glasses opened my eyes to know that I was not the only one.


Dear Tom,

I’m back on Anna Maria Island… missing you.

But walking down these beautiful beaches reminds me of us and makes me feel a little less far away from you. And that encourages me as I am writing our story. Hopefully this will help other people who are feeling our pain too.

I love and miss you every day, darling.



When he first saw me, Tom said that he would spend the rest of his life with me. To my surprise, he actually did. He was the love of my life. We shared a story that felt like a dream. Every moment was an adventure… and then Tom became ill. As his mysterious symptoms persisted we were hurtled through a maze of fear, tests, doubts and sorrow. But while doctors toyed with diagnoses- Lyme disease, ALS- we filled each day with joy, hope, good food, wine, music and travel. Even when death came to crush our storybook romance, we found that the human spirit is greater than the frailties of the body, greater than suffering and grief.

From the fateful tick bite on Block Island to central nervous system failure, to healing my grief and loss, I stayed afloat, upbeat, and connected to Tom through devotion, true love, and by donning my own special pair of rose-colored glasses.

It is hard to admit, but it is difficult to lose a loved one. I lost almost an entire family in a year of different causes: lung disease, heart attack, and eventually a broken heart. It was a tough year, and with each death, it got harder and harder. People were worried about me, heck, I was worried about myself. Working in hospice has also taught me that people grieve in different ways.

Rose-Colored Glasses was beautifully written. A masterpiece of every emotion wrapped up in a little package that has a huge impact on those who have experienced the same life changing event.

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