Day 25 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Howard Carlyle

*This book is recommended for adults 18 and older only due to graphic scenes

About Howard Carlyle

I live in the historical city of York in the UK with my wife and my son. I have been writing for over 25 years. My first steps into the world of writing began with writing normal poetry, as my Dad calls it. Then I tried my hand at writing dark/horror/gory poetry. I’d read some other dark/horror poetry by some other poets and was blown away by how good it was. I posted one of my horror poems on some Facebook poetry groups to see what sort of reaction it would get and I was surprised by the positive reaction it recieved. I decided to give story writing a go and the rest is history. My stories have appeared in numerous horror anthologies. The three ebooks, Sick Twisted F*cks, APOCALYP-SICK & Death, Infection, The Devil and Jed, are available on Amazon are a collection of some my stories that appear in them. You can find these in the BOOKS section of my this page.
The Meyerstown Secret, in all, took me three years to write and is also my first real physical book (its also available as an ebook).
I have two more stories which will hopefully be getting released some time this year, one of which I have just finished writing.

Synopsis for Sick Twisted F*cks

The title of this eBook says it all. It contains two short, twisted tales. The first story, Love Sick in The Head, is about Timothy Bridle who falls in love with his girlfriend’s dying mother… That’s when things get really sick and twisted. A sickening love story.
The second story, Feeling The Fear, follows one man’s curiosity to discover if he can feel and experience someone’s fear. Things don’t turn out too well for him or his poor subject. 

My Review for Sick Twisted F*cks

Gross! But, should I be concerned that I enjoyed the 5 minute reads? Just when I thought the first story was horrific, the second one topped it. These stories are truly disgusting, but entertaining. If you have a sick and twisted imagination, these little gems are perfect!

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Day 20 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Lee Mountford

About Lee Mountford

“Lee Mountford is a horror author from the North-East of England. His first book, Horror in the Woods, was published in May 2017 to fantastic reviews, and his follow-up book, The Demonic, achieved Best Seller status in both Occult Horror and British Horror categories on Amazon.

He is a lifelong horror fan, much to the dismay of his amazing wife, Michelle, and his work is available in ebook, print and audiobook formats.

In August 2017 he and his wife welcomed their first daughter, Ella, into the world. In May 2019, their second daughter, Sophie, came along. Michelle is hoping the girls doesn’t inherit her father’s love of horror, but Lee has other ideas . . .”

Synopsis for Horror in the Woods

First they found a desecrated body…

… then hell followed.

Four friends spend a weekend hiking in the woods, getting back to nature, never imagining they would end up being hunted.

But they soon stumble into the territory of the sick and twisted Webb family—psychopaths with a taste for human meat. And these monsters are hungry.

Will the group make it out of the woods alive? To do so, they will have to face these cannibals head-on, and unravel the secret behind the twisted family’s very existence. 

You will love this brutal, gory, and violent horror story, because it raises the tension on every page and will leave you exhausted and drained. 

Buy the book today and get ready for the horror.

My Review for Horror in the Woods

I loved every page in this book. Gave me the heebie jeebies just like The Hills Have Eyes. Some characters got on my nerves, but, that is pretty much every horror book/movie right? To set the scene? It was dark, creepy, bloody, gorey, everything you can imagine, you feel it in this book. Check out Horror in the Woods, and other works by Lee.

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