Day 9 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Laurell K Hamilton

Here is another author who I truly adore (yes, I have a lot of authors who write paranormal romance, which was my first love). A friend introduced me to this author back in 2008, with Guilty Pleasures. I was addicted at the start of the first page.

Basically, you have a necromancer who mostly raises the dead to solve crimes. She befriends Vampires and Weres, has relationships just like us (and sometimes, I wonder why some men are more emotional than me hahahaha). There are many books in the series, and in each book, you are introduced to a new character. Currently, there are many different characters. You will have your faves

Then there is the Merry Gentry series. Which I think is my favorite series of hers. Merry is a Fae, and is trying the get the throne. In order to get the throne, she must get pregnant before her cousin has a child. She is protected by different Fae, and each one takes a turn to get her pregnant. I won’t give the ending lol. Her aunt, who is the queen, is evil, and is passing the throne to her son, or Merry, like I said whoever has a child first. There are trials that Merry must go through, and through these trials, she gains allies, and basically becomes stronger.

If you love paranormal romance, violence, gore, erotica, and more all combined into these two series, please start reading them. Would I let you down?

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Day of 7 #31AuthorsofHalloween – JR Ward

Now, how can I forget the ladies out there (and the men who love this series). JR Ward, of how I love her Fallen Angels, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and her Band of Bastards.

I remember finding one of her books on the table at my best friend’s house. I asked her about it, and she told me the whole story of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. If you have not heard of them, let me tell you: BIG, BURLY, VAMPIRES. That is it. There are so many of them, and each book, you will learn about their backgrounds, and watch them fall in love with their HEA (Happily Ever After). These guys hunt for Lessers who are vile, walking, heartless, baby powder smelling, pieces of flesh. In the first book, Dark Lover, you meet them, and the main one, Wrath, who becomes their King. Well, a lot goes on in this series, and she is still writing lol. You meet the Band of Bastards in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and you will either love them, or hate them.

The other series, Fallen Angels, you meet a man who dies, and comes back as an angel who is a part of the war with hell. Each book, you meet someone new who is at a crossroads, and find out with their soul will go to Heaven or Hell.

The great thing about these two series? There will be a MERGE!!! I honestly cannot wait for this to happen. She just recently started another series, kind of like an extension of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. You are introduced to younger generations who are joining the academy to train to fight alongside them, to strengthen in numbers agains the Lessers, and what evil is about to come. Like I said, there is a lot of books.

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