Release Blitz – The Trouble with Gravity by K.K. Allen

Release Date: Ebook 1/2/2020


Kai’s life is a series of choreographed steps, each one shielding her from the tragic memories of her past. Audition, dance, paycheck, repeat. It’s a broken record, but it’s what keeps her world spinning. When a tall mysterious stranger zooms into her life wielding an Aussie accent like it’s a weapon and effectively shattering her tightly woven cocoon, her safe and secure world quickly begins to unravel. Sebastian’s theater production is a sinking ship. To add insult to injury he’s obligated to give it one final run. The mission is simple — salvage what he can before they go down with the wreckage. But first he needs to convince the woman who despises him, despite her darkest fears, to join the case. Without her, his past will undoubtedly destroy his future. But with her . . . He may be opening himself up to more of a challenge that he bargained for.


I loved The Trouble with Gravity! All I have to say is is that Sebastian is up there on my list of favorite book boyfriends. I can hear him in his sexy Aussie self, the way he moves, the way he dresses (especially when he rides his bike).

I understand where Kai is coming from (the fear that is). She has a fear of boats and the open sea (it explains in the book). My fear may not be the boats or the ocean, but it is planes. It is paralyzing, it consumes you. I also feel her on having her wall up as well. Kai is everyone wrapped in a little package.

The story overall was amazing. I could not put it down. And I want more!

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Happy New Years!

It is now 2020! The year that I put all of my boxes of TBR out for me to see, and work on (that is a lot), signing up for Release Blitz’s, blog tours, book reviews of the books that I have, and to do reviews for authors who needs more reviews!

2020 will be the year! I already have my Goodreads, BookBub, Facebook (I have a page and a group!), Twitter, and other sites ready on my phone and on my iPad so no matter where I am, I can get to doing what I love: sharing is caring!

January is already off to a great start! I am so excited as I type this, and looking at my planner with all of the posts! So far, I am so proud of myself! I cannot wait to see what 2020 is in store for not only the blog, but for all of you wonderful authors out there!

So, a toast to 2020 . . . May you enjoy life, may you enjoy getting away to read that book you wanted to read for a long time, may you be happy!