Book Review: Calendar Girl by Tricia Stewart

I have been shoulder deep in books that I just cannot put down, and of course, I add more to my collection (my husband contributes as well when he is traveling and he sees a bookstore).

This post is about a very heartwarming and hilarious story called Calendar Girl.


It was a crazy idea and good for a laugh at the time. When Tricia Stewart proposed a more risqué treatment of her local Women’s Institute’s annual calendar, which normally featured pretty scenes from nature, laughing alongside her was John Baker, the husband of the soon-to-be Miss February, Angela. When John passed away from cancer, the Ladies of Rylstone decided that posing nude for the calendar and donating the proceeds was one way to honor his memory and cope with this devastating loss.

No one could have predicted what happened next. The calendar began to sell, and soon the whole world, it seemed, was interested in their story, with an American tour following and appearances on the Today show, 20/20, CNN, and the Tonight Show. Calendar Girls explores the phenomenon that The Ladies of Rylstone became, recounting with warmth and humor the moments of an exhilarating journey that transformed the lives of the remarkable women who became international sensations.

I LOVED the book and the movie. Well, anything with Helen Mirren is amazing, and she is beautiful, smart, and witty. I have always wanted to read the book, and of course, watch the movie. So when I was able to find these gems at the used book store and the used DVD stores, I grabbed them up. I was on a mission.

If you love a laugh, and a cry, please, read and watch the story. It is heartwarming, and beautifully done. The book has the original pictures used in the calendar, the movie has a bonus feature where the actual women (and the men who helped) talked about the story and their thoughts on the story and how they felt when they were all nude in the pictures. Go pick them both up now!

Book Review – Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

This book. This book right here. This book brought a new light on life. Now, I will let you know that this book is very religious. I mean, there are a lot of scriptures, and a lot of praying. I am a Christian myself, and I am not used to a book such as this one. But, I will say, that with everything that has happened in the book, and I used to work for a Hospice, I brought people in who needed a place to stay, so I was brought into the book on a personal level, not just as a reviewer.

The writer, Katie Davis Majors, to talk about her life in Uganda. People who she has met, who has come and gone. Whether they bettered their lives, or they have died. She became a mom to twelve young ladies who has lost their mother. She gains friendship from a raging alcoholic who ALMOST lost his leg in a house fire, and she helped bring his leg back to life. She helped two mothers who had HIV/AIDS and TB, who died in her own home, and helped take care of their small children, and found their families after their moms have died. She helped a young boy and his mom come to the states for a surgery that saved his life.

She wrote about how she met her husband, who came at a time that she was full of doubt. He helped open her eyes again and she was able to see the miracles again.

I am keeping my promise about reviewing books that I feel is for everyone. Now, I know I said that this book is full of scriptures and praying, and this can turn some people off. But, if you are not a religious person at all, I believe this book is still for you. Why? It gives you a whole new light on how to look at life. You lost someone and you are doubting God? This book will open your eyes. You feel like your soul is lost? Read this book. You feel sad about . . . Anything . . . Pick up this book. I believe that this author has gone through as much stuff as the next person. There are times when someone needs help, but does not know how to ask for it, please, read this book.