Book Review(s) – Cane Novels 1-3 by Charlotte E Hart and Rachel De Lune

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Nothing is sexier than a dangerous bad boy . . .

A photographer who was deceived into thinking she was going on a blind date. But finds out that there is a lot more to the story . . . And him.

Innocent Eyes (A Cane Novel) (Quinn and Emily)

“If he’s gross, I’m bailing”

That’s what I said to my supposed best friend when she asked em to take her place. A blind date, she said. What harm could it do?

He was charming. Beautiful. God’s finest creation. He wined me and dined me. Made me do things I’d never before dreamt of in the bedroom. It was perfect. Dangerous. Arousing.

But Jenny didn’t tell me the full story. She didn’t tell me about the debt she owed. And now Quinn Cane wants his money’s worth, and he’s going to make me pay whatever way he can.

“A debt need to be paid.”

The woman who came to meet me didn’t owe me money. I could tell by her innocent eyes. Still, the debt will be paid either way. She was something to play with and use as I saw fit, but something about Emily Brooks made me want to keep her. So she became my dirty girl. Pure. Innocent. Mine.

Then she whispered my damned name and invaded my world, changing its reasoning.

She wasn’t meant to break the rules. But she rolled my dice and won.

Shame. Forgiveness. Dark. Erotic. Romance.

A woman whose life is about diamonds just needs to get a way from the dangers of living the life meets bad boy Nate while relaxing and hiding.

Devious Eyes (A Cane Novel 2) (Nate and Gabby)

“You think I’m a hooker?”

The fiercely brooding guy I met at the bar needed to check his a-hole behaviour. Still, he fast turned into the distraction I needed from my life. But it wasn’t romance. Couldn’t be. Running was my MO. This time I’m hiding in paradise, hoping I can stay alive, and trying to ignore the one person I’ve never been able to – my brother.

The problem is, I didn’t know who Nate Cane really was, and I didn’t know what was coming for me either.

“You try it again, and I’m done.”

That’s what I said to my brother when he challenged me. I meant every damn word. This time it’s my rules. My life. My game. Screw loyalty.

But the woman I met at that bar hid her devious eyes from me. She wasn’t who I thought, and life has a way of determining your future, no matter the odds. Gabriella Alves might have stated as a calculated fling – dirty, far from innocent, and mine – but the hell came after her ad invaded my world. And a Can always protects what’s his.

Odds be damned.

Loyalty. Family. Dark. Romance.

A woman who tries to make her man happy and finds he is just too stubborn and strong for her

Vengeful Eyes (A Cane Novel 3) (Vico and Hope)

“You play nice tonight.”

That’s what I said to her as we walked into the restaurant. Hope Winters never failed me. She was anything and everything I needed her to be. A dangerous woman. Perfect. Effective. Mine.

The deal should have been simple – mutually beneficial to both parties. Cane and Vico. An alliance. But then blood, bullets, and death began surrounding me, opening cage doors I’d closed down. That doesn’t happen in my city, not unless I order it. Someone’s to blame.

And no one lies to me and survives.

Not even Hope,

“Maybe you’re worth it.”

Words I’ve longed to hear. After all this time, I was almost there. My perfectly crafted mission was nearly done. Years of scheming and seducing and it was all within my grasp.

But I allowed myself to be distracted by him and didn’t see the threat until it was too late. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Hell, love was a foreign concept to me, but it changed everything, and now I’m in too deep with a man more dangerous than anyone I’ve met. Benjamin Vico asked me for two things, and instead, I brought vengeance to his door. If there is one thing he’ll never accept, it’s treachery and deceit.

And I’ve committed both.

Revenge. Blame. Dark. Erotic. Romance.

I have always loved books like these. You have the women who seem to balance out the bad boy vibes from me who have high dominance. The woman looks at their man a certain way and the toughest man that you would think would exist, becomes a big puppy.

There is always drama, romance (and erotica), suspense, and more. And you have them all in these books.

I give these ladies ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ for how the stories are written, and how I simply could not put them down. Great job ladies!

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