Why I Love to Read and Why I Share My Love With You

Reading has always been my escape. I have been told that I am “too sensitive” or “too emotional”. In reality, yes, I am. I do not like watching the news because it upsets me on what is happening in the world. To know that human beings do such horrid things to others. I do not like going grocery shopping or go to the mall because everyone is in such a hurry that they are not aware of others around them. I have been ran into with carts with no apology, dirty looks when I smile at them or wish them a good day.

I find that going into a bookstore or reading at home is my way of escaping. Why? You are in a quiet place, you are traveling all over the world, or to different times. You become a part of a world that does not exist in real life. To me, that is everything. You have empathy for the characters, you feel that you are swallowed up into this whole different world that it becomes a part of you.

Growing up, I always laid on my bed reading. When I was at a party, you found me with a book in my hand. I always stayed up past my bedtime reading. I did it so much, my parents stopped giving me a bedtime because I never obeyed it. But, I still managed to go to school, and deal with the bullies, and the negligence of the teachers, because I had my books to escape to.

Over the years, I have realized there are more people like myself, that I did not feel alone anymore. I created My Book Blog when my daughter was a baby and I was a stay-at-home mom. At that time, I also created the “31 Authors of Halloween”, because, well, it is my favorite time of year. My daughter started school, and I wanted to go back to school to work somewhere and not worry about security, and put My Book Blog on hold. Six years later, here I am. Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and started a new blog Coffee with Lacey. A place to recommend books to anyone who is wanting to escape, even if they stay in their own homes.

You do not realize how large the book community is until you start looking online for inspiration, and find out that there is support for not only authors, but for readers as well. I wanted to be a part of the community, because I wanted to be a part of a community where I was not feeling like I was different.

There is no judgement, there is no bullying, and yet, you can have hundreds or thousands of friends who share the same interest, and they are all over the world. Not only did I want to be a part of it, I wanted to contribute to it. Something that I always wanted to do, but I wanted to give back. I wanted to share my love, and support other authors, regardless if they are indie or published.

That is my story. Something that I am asked often. Tell me your story!



Blog Tour Stop: Black Madonna: The Pope’s Deadly Obsession by L. Lee Kane

What do you get when you cross The DaVinci Code and The Knight’s Templar? Black Madonna by L. Lee Kane


Luci de Foix was nine when her parents were killed in a car accident. But was it an accident? Unbeknownst to Luci, a group known as The Order, under the protection of the Pope, has been watching her family for many years, waiting fo the day that a diary written in the thirteenth century would be delivered to her family – a journal that contains a key to a lost codex – and they would do anything to get it. Early one morning, when Luci is twenty-nine, a bloodied young man delivers a book, claiming it’s from her late grandparents.

Plagued by panic attacks that have left her crippled, Luci struggles to overcome her fears, avenge the death of her family, and search for the lost codex. But who can she trust? Everyone seems intent on betraying her, even the gorgeous, enigmatic Max, a man with secrets of his own.

You should know by now that I love anything with drama and adventure, with some mystery and suspense mixed in. I truly enjoyed reading Black Madonna as it introduces you to the main character, Luci, as a child, and how she became who she in the present. It introduces you to characters from her childhood, and how everyone is linked today.

I just love how the book is written. Not too much detail, but it still gives you that feeling of being there, like you are a fly on the wall.

I give Black Madonna 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ for the story, the atmosphere it presents, and the fact that it held my attention in this hard time that I have been through the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed it, and I recommend to you.

You can follow L. Lee Kane on the following sites to see what else she has written, and what is she is currently doing: