The Lavender House Murder by Nikki Baker

Read a murder mystery that introduces you to a handful of women that stays in The Lavender House


By night – the bars, the music, the sexual energy.

By day – the beaches, the bay . . . Basking in the sun and the scent of suntan lotion.

And everywhere the women of Provincetown.

Among these women in the sun is Afro-American Virginia Kelly, on vacation apart from lover Emily.

Ginny has come to P-town with friend Naomi. They stay at Lavender House, a hotel for lesbians run by Sam, a woman with whom Naomi has had some dramatic history.

Other inhabitants include a “helper” named Anya. A writer and sometime guest named Joan. Loud Barb and her quiet partner. And in P-Town itself, a “car girl” Ginny is very much drawn to.

Then . . . Murder shatters the vacation bliss. For among the people brushing up against Ginny and Naomi for these few sensual days is a ruthless killer. And a victim whose death will change the lives of Ginny and Naomi.

Don’t miss this intriguing, sexy, highly contemporary novel. Nikki Baker, author of In the Game, is an authentic new Black voice in mystery fiction.

Now, I do not know about you, but I could not put this book down. I absolutely loved it, I stayed up all night to read this intriguing mystery, all the way up until almost midnight New Years Eve. Round of applause to Nikki. Great piece of work. Glad to know it was the last book of 2018. Great book to close a somewhat eventful year.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas by Shawnie’s Embroidery and More!

I attended a local breakfast in my town for charity on the eighth. I met a wonderful woman, Shawnie, who makes embroidered pillow cases that revolve around books, along with bookmarks, and more.

These items are just the cutest!!! I was quite fond of the coffee pillow case, or the Beauty and the Beast bookmark. My husband loved the Nightmare Before Christmas keychains as well as the hand sanitizer holder keychains. Shoot on over to her page and check out her stuff!!! Here is a little sample of what she makes!!!

The hand sanitizer holders . . . Did you notice the mermaid one?

The little bookmarks?

The key chains

More pillowcases . . .

Pen/Pencil holders

You can join her on her facebook group at this Link to see what else she has to offer!!! Perfect for not only Christmas, but for birthdays, “thinking of you”, and more.