The Quick Family Ranch Books by Aden Lowe

My first cowboy romance book. And, I am in love already . . .

Synopsis for Quick ‘N Dirty

Jake, his brothers, and their dear are slowly starving, and drowning in a pile of dirty laundry since their grandmother’s death. They can’t give the Quick Ranch the future their grandmother wanted if they can’t even feed themselves. Sick of frozen pizzas and no clean shirts, Jake’s dad orders him to hire a housekeeper, and do it quick. He has no idea where to start and doesn’t have time on top of his ranch work, but the local minister has the perfect candidate. Jake hires Ande as soon as he hears her story, and vows to do anything, no matter how dirty, to keep her and her two small children safe. Now, he just has to hope he can keep his hands to himself and not ruin this for his family.

First of all, Jake is just a cutie. The oldest, the most mature, and probably the most innocent (that I know of so far). The way he attaches himself to those babies is the most adorable thing I have ever read.

The babies, the brothers, the dad, Ande, all of them, are just the sweetest together. The dad, Jonathan, probably has the biggest space in my heart. He is introduced as a tough one, but he does have a weakness.

Book 2 of the Quick Family Ranch series . . .

Welp, still love Jonathan (probably even more), and I thought I loved Jake, until I started to get to know Sam. And I knew there was something deep down in that little body of hers. (One thing about me when shopping for books, or volunteering to read a book, I never read the synopsis. To me, it is like judging a book by it’s cover. If the title seems interesting, that is what draws me in ;)).

Marynn is the second strongest woman in the series (besides Ande, of course). I especially loved the scene where she changed a baby for the first time. Hee hee hee.

Synopsis for Quick Start

Sam Quick watches his older brother leave for his honeymoon, relieved now that one of them is married and ready to carry out Gramma’s wishes for the family and ranch to grow. Now all he has to do get Ande’s little boy safely into the truck and back to the ranch, and he can get back to work. At least, that’s the plan until the girl from his dreams runs her shiny BMW right up under his battered old Dodge truck. She doesn’t hesitate to let him know what she thinks about cowboys and their dirty trucks. Giving her a hard time is the most fun he’s had in years until he finds out the spoiled little girl is actually a shy, innocent woman on her own for the first time. He signs on to help her find her inner strength and hopes like hell he doesn’t fall head over heels for her at the same time. Wither way, he’d better get a quick start.

Overall, I cannot wait until book 3 comes out. Aden . . . I am addicted. Thank you.

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Do you have a favorite cowboy story? Does not have to be romance lol.



The Book of Secrets Part 1 by Faith Mitchell

A book of a strong man in slavery, how he died, and how he got back at the future of the man who killed him.


The ghosts of past atrocities haunt the island of St. Pierre, and legends about the spirits have been passed down through the generations. One of the most beguiling stories is the tale of the book of secrets a mysterious manuscript that gives its wielded enormous power but at an incredible expense.

Finch Waters is fascinated by the stories. When she joins her college professor’s research expedition to the island, she immerses herself in the region’s folklore. Little does she know that someone on her team is obsessed with the magic of St. Pierre and is intent on discovering the book’s centuries-old hiding place.

As Finch grows closer to discovering the truth surrounding the book of secrets, she faces a choice that could have dangerous consequences for everyone she cares for. The book of secrets holds knowledge not meant for mortals, and that power could prove to be deadly.

I truly loved this story. It was a story of slavery and a man named Big Jack. Big Jack was accused of a crime that he did not commit, but to see his new baby who lived at another island. He was beaten, murdered, and dismembered.

But, what they did not know was that he had a book that put a curse on his body. A curse that protected him. Big Jack was an amazing man, and he was there to overcome a battle between the man who was related to the man who killed him, and the heroine who was determined to protect the book of secrets by Big Jack.

Do you like a book with some history? Some suspense and horror? This is the book for you.

What book that has history and horror do you like?

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