Day 29 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Robert Louis Stevenson

Here is another classic you should add to your collection, if you have not done so already. Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The reason of the story is for Stevenson to caution the reader that no matter how good you are, you always have a different side to you. Same if switched. Dr. Jekyll drank a potion that took his other side, the side that he never knew he had, and opened it up to society.

He may have been a successful, well-mannered man, but he had a dark side that came out. That needed to come out. Dr. Jekyll realized that Mr. Hyde is his alter ego. There were times he was able to control him, until unfortunately it became to much.

Day 28 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – H. G. Wells

My husband had the recording of War of the Worlds. Then I found out it was a book as well. The movie adaptation was amazing. I am not a big fan of sci-fi/thriller type genres. But this one kept my attention. That was a lot lol.

Anyone who is a fan of aliens invading Earth must have a copy in their bookshelf or their ereader lol. It is heart stopping, edge of your seat thrill. You get swallowed up into that world, and get spooked from a noise outside.

H. G. Wells also wrote books such as The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, Tales of Space and Time, and others.

Like I mentioned before, if you are a fan of science fiction and alien invasion, you will love H.G. Wells books. And because I love War of the Worlds, I chose this one to be in the blog for the 31 Authors of Halloween. I hope you enjoy it as well.