Day 26 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Morgan Delaney

About Morgan Delaney

Morgan Delaney is an Irish writer of dark and fantastic fiction. Like all the really great Irish writers, Morgan prefers to live abroad where there is less rain. “My pages stay dry and the ink doesn’t run,” he explains.  

He has has lived in Ireland, Germany, Australia and Kazakhstan. He worked as a building engineer until one day the wind changed. He was writing a particularly outrageous cost estimate at the time and he has been stuck like that, writing lies, ever since. 

His favourite film is Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

Synopsis for Sour Milk

When Lee’s parents die, the authorities send him to the Lambs’ Home: an orphanage in the middle of nowhere, run by the erratic, abusive Miss Dunn and a damaged, shop-window mannequin, with a life of its own.

At the Lambs’ Home all the boys are named Ivan and all the girls Anna, but Lee’s name is all he has left and he’s not giving it up.

He quickly becomes the focus for the pent-up rage in the orphanage, and no one is coming to save him. But if he can uncover the secret at the heart of the Lambs’ Home, he just might be able to escape.

For now, all he knows is that the children hate Miss Dunn… but it’s the mannequin they fear.

My Review for Sour Milk

Throughout the entire story, I just thought “those poor kids”. Miss Dunn was a horrible human being, and Mr. Leonard was just down right creepy. I hate dolls, mannequins, dummies, anything in the fake person category just creeps me out. Detention was frightful. Anyone would go crazy in a place like that. If you like anything of what I have mentioned, this book would be a great piece to add to your collection. Happy reading!

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