Day 21 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Jesse Bastide

About Jesse Bastide

I’m Jesse, and I write stories for you.

Some of them are about terrible things.

I live in Sweden as an expat. I’m from Maine. I also just got trained as a commercial pilot, because I love the sky.

I spend too much time on my bikes.

I hope to write again, soon.

Synopsis for Undead Freaks

It’s fast, it’s gory, and it’s a struggle to survive. 

When zombies overrun the town of Calvert Falls in Southern Maine, a small band of survivors has to fight their way out. But it’s more than just teeth and cannibalistic appetites they have to worry about….

A zombie thriller novella that won’t let you go until it’s done with you

My Review for Undead Freaks

This was a nice quick little read when waiting to start work. I was so into the story, that the cat in the parking lot scared me lol. I loved Frank, he had the control and the experience of fighting. The kids were amazing, Kelly was a badass woman who you would think did not know how to do anything, but she knew her stuff. If you want a quick little read to read on breaks or lunches, pick this little gem up now!

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