Day 13 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Sian Claven

About Sian Claven

“Born in South Africa, in the heart of Johannesburg, Sian Claven grew up with a vivid imagination. When she wasn’t immersing herself in books, she was actively creating her own stories.

At 29 years old, left to her own devices after her sister immigrated, Sian, wrote her first horror book Ensnared and dared to publish it under the guidance of indie authors Toni Cox and Ashleigh Giannaccaro. 

Now she has released more than ten books including a thriller and sci-fi fantasy. 

In 2019, Sian took up the challenge of publishing 11 books in 11 months. 

Sian came second place in the First Annual Indie Awards for Favourite African Author.

Sian’s book, Sylvana, the final book in her Butcher series, made the Amazon top 100 best sellers list in several categories across three countries.

In her spare time, Sian is an avid Harry Potter fan, pop collector and Bingo addict. She resides in Johannesburg with her 2 best friends, their daughter, their 6 dogs and 2 cats.

She is now an International Best Selling Author since publishing Lady Butcher in the Notorious MInds Boxset and Shh.. In the Soul’s Day Boxset.”

Synopsis for Tatum

Everyone has nightmares but the silent girl from Tatum’s is crossing over to reality and when she does, someone dies. 
In a quiet little neighbourhood, murders are about to rock the community’s happy existence but only Tatum can make the connection between seeing the girl from her nightmare and the deaths that are occurring. 
The second time it happens another person dies.
By the third time Tatum is left needing answers.
She has to ask, is she next?

My Review for Tatum

I have to say, this book had me on edge. I was also not expecting the ending. It was dark, mysterious, creepy, suspenseful, chilling, and horrific all in on book. I could not put it down. It was delightful to read while waiting to start work, and on my lunches. I already have book 2 ready to be read on my phone.

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