Day 12 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Linda L. Barton

About Linda L. Burton

“Linda L. Barton is a Multi-Genre Author. Publishing her first book in 2011, Linda started out by writing Dark Thrillers. Since then she has branched out by writing YA Fantasy, Women’s Romantic Fiction, and even Children’s Books under the name Nana Barton”

Synopsis for Boding Evil

Boding Evil – It WILL find you! (A Novella)

Evil lurks in the small town of Greer Springs, lying in wait for its next victim. Excited to fulfill a lifelong dream, nothing could have prepared Gene Mason for the horrors his family faced when they moved into a house with a dark and deadly past.

While Boding Evil is a fictional story, many of the situations portrayed were inspired by actual events told to the author. Some will say the events depicted in this book are merely objects of a fanciful imagination, but for those who lived through them, the events were quite real.

Included with the purchase of this book is a FREE bonus story titled: Sacrificing Souls

My Review for Boding Evil

I have to admit, this book made me jump every time I head a noise outside when I was reading this story (I live in a rural area, so there is always a noise somewhere from a critter). I love haunted houses, and as a mother, it made me sad and upset. But, I loved the story altogether as it was horrific in an amazing way!

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