Day 9 of #31Authors of Halloween – Dark Mistress Aurora

About Dark Mistress Aurora

“I’m not a psychic and I’m not a police officer. I do not claim to be special or chosen in any way. I’m just an ordinary woman. For all you know, I could be your next door neighbor.

But I’ve had some experiences, terrifying experiences, and I couldn’t be quiet about them any longer.

There’s this myth that only those with gifts experience the supernatural, but I am an ordinary person, yet I’ve seen many things, some that haunt me to this day..

The things that are evil, whether supernatural or human, don’t wait for psychics to attack. Psychics are strong against the supernatural, they know how to fight them. Supernatural beings prey on the vulnerable, they prey on those who are weak or scared. They may be watching you right now, considering you. You never think it’s going to happen, until it doesn

I share my stores because it is cart hart in, but I write them, so you can’t tell which story is real and which is not. That way, if any people or supernatural creatures want revenge, it will be harder for them to figure out that I wrote about them or what my true identity is.

I write because I like to share and I hope you read, so these terrifying experiences can have more of a purpose than just being scary. I can’t tell the people I’m closest to in real life, they won’t understand or believe me. Talking to strangers is different and maybe we can bond with each other through sharing our stories.”

Synopsis for True Dark Stories

Warning! Read at your own risk! Studying shadow men can cause them to visit you!

“Good and definitely worth reading again. Quick and. scary almost like recounting things that we’ve experienced. Those things that go bump in the night.” A. Ronan

“The little book scared me more than 3000 of Steven King!” Trina D.

“Very Interesting and Terrifying” – Anonymous

“These stories will scare you” – Anonymous

About this book: I’ll never feel completely safe being home alone after I saw a shadow man for the first time.

About this series: This is not just a horror novel or a true life story, it’s also a game. I wanted to write out my real life supernatural experiences, but I also wanted to remain anonymous, so I disguise my identity by writing two fake stories along with every real story I tell.

It’s your job to figure out which story is true and which ones are fake.

Review of True Dark Stories

I love books like this where you have to try and figure out what is truth and what is a lie. The stories are very haunting, and I honestly could not tell what is true and what was false, to be honest. They are dark . . . They are creepy . . . They are . . . Different. I can’t wait to read volume two.

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