Day 8 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Zachery Miller

Synopsis for The Amorphous Horror

Laura sits for a while and listens to Grandpa Kallembach’s stories of Nazi Germany. His tale recounts his struggle for freedom and, finally, of how he got away. The ending only confirms Laura’s suspicions: Grandpa is going mad. But as he ends his strange tale, there is another tale that will become Laura’s to tell.
*The stories in The Morbid Tales series are stand-alone tales. There is no order to reading each book.

Review of The Amorphous Horror

Please excuse the way I write my review, as I don’t want to give anything away. I found this book intriguing the moment I started reading the first few sentences. I adored Grandpa, he was tough, as well as sweet with his granddaughter. Throughout the entire book, you come to realize how Grandpa was so tough, and what secret he was hiding. It had a tragic ending, but it told the story. I really did love this story, and I will be reading the others.

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