Blog Tour Stop: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody

Are you writing a novel?  Do you know someone who is writing a novel?  Read below.


Synopsis for Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

Originally created for screenwriters, the Save the Cat! story-structure method provides compelling tips and tricks to make your novel as riveting as a movie – because whether you’re writing a fantasy series, a romance, or the next Great American Novel, every captivating story throughout time (from Jane Austen to Agatha Christie) has the same fifteen essential plot points, or “beats.”

In this revolutionary novel-writing guide from the best-selling Save the Cat! series, novelist Jessica Brody demystifies each beat, making it simple to craft your own best seller with easy-to-follow templates.  Brody also reveals the ten universal story genres to help you drill down into what makes your type of story work.  Featuring sample “beat sheets” for hits from the likes of J. K. Rowling, Khalid Hasseini, and Stephen King, this practical guide also includes real-world advice on pitching your novel, plus the quirky, original insights (like the eponymous tip to “save the cat) that make this series unique.  By the end of this book, your own imaginative beats will combine to create a story that thrills readers from start to finish. 

My Review for Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

I have met many people in my line of work that is wanting to write a novel, or is in the writing process of a novel and they are stuck.  Where was this book when I needed it?  Save the Cat! Writes a Novel is an easy read, and easy to follow for those tough chapters when you are stuck.

About Jessica Brody

Since leaving her job as a studio executive for MGM Studios in 2005, Jessica Brody has sold more than fifteen novels to major publishers.  She writes books for teens, tweens, and adults, including The Geography of Lost Things (Golden Fleece), The Chaos of Standing Still (Rites of Passage), Better You Than Me (Out of the Bottle), 52 Reasons to Hate My Father (Fool Triumphant), the Unremembered trilogy (Superhero), and the forthcoming Sky Without Stars (Institutionalized), the first installment in a new sci-fi series picked as “Les Miserables in space.”  She also writes books for Disney Press, including the Descendants: School of Secrets series, based on the hit Disney Channel original movies, and the LEGO Disney Princess chapter books.  Jessica’s novels have been translated and published in over twenty-three countries, and Unremembered and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father are currently in development as major motion pictures.  When not working on her own novels, Jessica teaches online writing workshops at  She lives with her husband and three dogs near Portland, Oregon.

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Save the Cat site


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