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Synopsis for The Disharmony of Silence

In her desperate quest for family, Carolyn Lee is determined, against all advice, to reveal the shocking eighty-four-year-fold secret she uncovered…until she realizes that “family” means more than blood.

In 1915, jealous, bitter Rebecca Roth cuts all ties with her life-long friends, the Pearls.  Eight years later, Rebecca’s son and young Lena pearl begin keeping company in secret.  Rebecca agrees to a truce when the couple marries.  But the truce is fragile.  Rebecca’s resentments run deep.

In 2010, Carolyn Lee, fitness instructor and amateur photographer, must come to grips with the fact that her mother’s imminent death will leave her alone in the world.  While preparing her childhood home for sale, she realizes for the first time that her mother’s antique brooch is identical to the one pinned to the lady’s dress in the painting hanging above the fireplace.  Coincidence or connection?  Carolyn is determined to find out. What she discovers has the potential to tear lives apart or to bring her the closeness and comfort she longs for.  It all depends on how she handles her newfound knowledge. 

My Review for The Disharmony of Silence

I love anything with a good mystery.  Especially something that goes back in time, and tells a story that coincides with today.  Linda knocked it out of the ballpark with this book. I could not put it down for the life of me! It was one of those books that helped me forget I was extremely sick.  If you are having to stay in because of the world’s problem, read it, and I hope it will make you forget what is happening.

About Linda Rosen 

Linda Rosen, fitness professional turned writer, lives with her husband splitting their time between New Jersey and Florida. She was a contributor to Women in the Literary Landscape: A WNBA Centennial Publication for the Women’s National Book Association and has had stories published in Foliate Oak and Crack the Spine, both in their online magazine and print anthology.

You can follow Linda on her Website  and Twitter


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