Day 22 of #31AuthorsofHalloween

I love a good female fighter! Especially in a dramatically terrifying mystery.

Synopsis for The Hunter

The Hunter has her in his sights. But this time, his prey is fighting back . . .

Amanda Steele wants to be left alone. Still grieving after the death of her husband, she has retreated to a peaceful mountain cabin, where she lives a quiet life with her loyal German shepherd. But in a town full of hunters, Amanda’s land attracts a small army of poachers. And her anti-hunting views have made her plenty of enemies . . .

Then The Hunter makes his first kill.

When Amanda and the town sheriff track a poacher through the dark forest surrounding her cabin, they are horrified to discover a grisly corpse hanging from a tree. The dead woman has been skinned and gutted, like a hunter’s trophy. The state police send Detective Gabe Bradford to investigate . . .

A chilling new hunt has begun.

As the body count begins to rise, Amanda and Gabe quickly discover they are on their own. Cut off from the outside world in a town paralyzed by fear, they can only trust each other. But when another mutilated body turns up on Amanda’s property, they realize the terror is even closer than they thought. Can they work together to unravel the identity of this shadowy killer?

Or will the screams of his prey echo through the dark trees?

Does that not give you goosebumps just from reading the synopsis?

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