Day 11 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Blake Crouch

I love anything that is full of suspense, especially when you are rooting for the main character, and hope that they make it through each obstacle in order to stay alive.

Synopsis for Run

Picture this: A landscape fo American genocide . . .

5 days ago

A rash of bizarre murders swept the country . . .

Senseless. Brutal. Seemingly unconnected.

A cop walked into a nursing home and unloaded his weapons on elderly and staff alike.

A mass of school shootings.

Prison riots of unprecedented brutality.

Mind-boggling acts of violence in every state.

4 days ago

The murders increased ten-fold . . .

3 days ago

The President addressed the nation and begged for calm and peace . . .

2 days ago

The killers began to mobilize . . .


All the power went out . . .


They’re reading the names of those to be killed on the Emergency Broadcast System. You are listening over the battery-powered radio on your kitchen table, and they’ve just read yours.

Your name is Jack Colclough. You have a wife, a daughter, and a young son. You live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. People are coming to your house to kill you and your family. You don’t know why, but you don’t have time to think about that any more.

You only have time to . . .


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