Blog Tour Stop: Mindful Dementia Care by Ruth Davis, Velma Arellano, and Luke Nachtrab

If anyone who knows someone who has suffered from Dementia or worked with people with Dementia, I can agree that this book speaks volumes.


Mindful Dementia Care is a book of stories and a book of love. It is a book without denial, without any papering over the challenges that can be involved with being a caregiver, and the sadness, anger, and frustration they may bring. It is also a life-changing source of information that can revolutionize relationships with one of the most vulnerable populations in our midst. In her decades as a caregiver, Ruth Dennis witnessed the tragic results of the medical used and institutionalized way of caring for people with dementia. And equally clearly, she saw a better way. Mindful Dementia Care illustrates alternative methods for making a difference and achieving results through care that honors the whole person. The key is creating an environment with countless enriching touchstones to the inner person through facilities that are filled with art, animal companions, music, dance, books, laughter, and wholesome food. It is an approach that embraces creative and artistic processes to shape a more loving, spiritual approach for elders and their families.

My Grandfather suffered from this disease, and it was hard to watch. I worked in Hospice and Home Health for years, and I knew exactly what to do when it came to scheduling. I hear stories from caregivers, spouses and children of what they went through. I cannot tell you how many times I have been on the phone for over an hour just so these people can vent their concerns because no one else will listen.

I will always hold this book with me, and keep me close to me to remember my Grandfather. He was my best friend.


Ruth Dennis

Luke Nachtrab

Velma Arellano

You can find more on Mindful Dementia Care on the following sites




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