How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Suess

Ok, now I know you had to have read this story when you were a child. An adorable Grinch (yes I said that), who does not want anything to do with Whoville. And of course, a curious child who becomes obsessed with the Grinch, wants to be friends with them, and does not want to believe that someone can be so mean.

I mean, seriously. Even you have to admit, that the Grinch, is freaking adorable. I am a fan of the classic cartoon, and of course, the Jim Carrey version (I have both hehehe).

I used to have the story, but of course, I lose it through the many moves. Every year, I want to grab a copy of this beloved story, but I always forget. I haven’t even unpacked my favorite Christmas movie yet, just to have the tradition of at least watching one of the renditions of this story. I just love it.

Dr. Suess is a genius, and I have always loved the way his stories were written. You can be 100 years old, and you will still feel like a kid again just reading the story again.

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