Blog Tour Stop: All Eyes on Alexandra with Guest Post – There’s No Place Like Home by Anna Levine

All Eyes on Alexandra is a yet, another wonderful children’s book full of adventure. A beautiful crane by the name of Alexandra who is easily distracted when going to different places upon traveling, and seems to break her family within the travels.

To have a better understanding of the book, it is based on the true story of Israel’s annual crane migration. It is considered the eighth world wonder based in Israel. It is about 500 million birds that travel to Israel. And of those 500 million, 400,000 cranes migrate to Lake Hula in the winter time. I mean seriously, what a site to see.

Back to the book, I love anything with animals, and of course, traveling. And the fact that this book is based on a true story, the animals are the main characters, the main character is easily distracted just like a child, and gives a little bit of an idea of what it is like to travel as a bird is just amazing! I give Anna props for writing this book, and the illustrations by by Chiara are breathtaking. Talk about a book for bird lovers, children, and the love of traveling.

You can follow Anna on the following sites:




You can follow the illustrator, Chiara Pasqualotto on the following sites





I love to browse author sites and see how writers arrange their space, some with their desks facing open windows looking onto country scenes, and others who love that swaddled feeling of books lining the walls and piled on the floor to create a warm and cozy niche.

Whatever you choose, remember the wise words of Virginia Woolf, “A woman must have . . . A room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

When I finally had a room I could call my own, I bought two cans of blue paint, five brushes and called over my best buddies to help. The result is a bit uneven (Amy wouldn’t go above the third rung of the ladder) but it’s mine! I have a desk, a comfortable chair, and a yoga ball to remind myself to get up move around and stretch out the kings.

Whenever I travel I pick up mementos. From Newfoundland, a beer coaster for beer made with water from icebergs, a few pebbles from the beach in Cape Cod and detective novels by the local author of whichever country or city I’m visiting (detective writers are great at knowing the hidden sides of a city). These keepsakes remind that while I spend a lot of time inside, there is a great world out there waiting to slip into my stories. And for those times when the writing gets tough, I’ve framed and hung up the jacket covers of the books, magazine articles and poetry I’ve published. Writing and publishing is challenging, the jacket covers and magazine stories are proof it’s possible.

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of an office, it’s just about carving out a small spot that you designate as your own. Try putting down a small throw carpet, hanging up a poster on the wall, or creating a mini book shelf, something that will designate the space as yours.

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