Christmas Glitter by Ann B. Harrison

What can I say? I actually fell in love with Christmas Glitter. It was a very cute, Hallmark type of story.

Girl moves to a small town after a break-up and an accident to get her life in order. She creates jewelry, but decided to work on a new branch of art, and do Christmas ornaments. She meets a man who manages the property. Well, sort of, his dad has a major heart attack and is in the hospital, so he is taking over, and is taking a break from his real job . . . A soccer player.

They try to convince themselves they need to be just friends, but I think we all know how that ends. And, of course, there is some drama. Drama, such as, a chance of the main male character having the same heart disease as his dad, the renovation of the local building that used to hold dances, and try to raise money to make it pretty again, the main female character trying to overcome her anxiety with the crippling pain of her hand from her car accident, and still making Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Glitter is one of the cutest Christmas stories I have read. Ann has other books, and they are based on the different holidays such as Valentine’s Day and stories with cowboys.

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