Day 27 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry

Speaking of true stories, here is another one, and this one is pretty chilling. Helter Skelter. The book that talks about the famous killer, Charles Manson.

This one here strikes a cord. My mom, who lived in that era, still will shudder when she hears the words Helter Skelter. I have seen documentaries on the murder of Sharon Tate (Polanski’s wife), and some friends.

Helter Skelter was written by the prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi from the Manson trials. We all know who Charles Manson is, the man who created The Manson Family cult of around 100 followers who did his bidding. Especially the young ladies who believed him to be Jesus. His followers were made up of young men and women who killed for him.

The whole situation changed the way others looked at the sixties. My mom loved the sixties, I wish I was around for the sixties, but when Charles Manson happened, it changed the feel. It was an unforgiven event that had happened, and wished it was prevented.

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