Day 23 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Oscar Wilde

He really wasn’t considered a “horror writer”, but Picture of Dorian Grey was considered a horror novel. I actually enjoyed Picture of Dorian Grey to be honest.

You read the book thinking that you already know of the most vain person, but, in reading the book, you will automatically know that you were wrong. No one compares to Dorian Grey. Thinking of himself as the most beautiful, and keeping his painting covered to make sure he stays young and beautiful, is just down right crazy.

Although, I was a little disappointed at the end, I was really hoping for a big ending, but he literally just died after unveiling his picture to himself when he just could not stand to stay young, and live while he losing all of his loved ones. I was hoping that it would be an ending such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Nope, nothing dramatic lol.

But, I still cherish the book as I do all of my books, and I have a lot of classics.

If you need a classic to add to your collection of horror authors, add Picture of Dorian Grey.

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