Day 23 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – H. P. Lovecraft

If you love short stories with thrill and suspense, and you haven’t even read a story by H. P. Lovecraft, I recommend that you do it NOW. You cannot have a horror/thriller/suspense collection without having H. P. Lovecraft in the mix.

Stories such as The Evil Clergyman and The Picture in the house, will leave you in awe, as well as thinking of “what the heck just happened?” The thing with his stories, is, yes, they are short, but he builds you up, and leaves you there at the end of the climax. There is no coming down from it from any other stories you have read.

Written between 1898 and 1936, he has many stories that will make your head spin so fast, that you would think it would fall off. No matter what era stories are written, they all feel like they were ahead of their time. It is just as scary as the present stories out there that flood your bookcases and ereaders.

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