Day 16 of #31AuthorsofHalloween – Alice Hoffman

Okay, so I wouldn’t say that this author is an author of horror, but more dramatic. I am pretty sure you have watched the movie, Practical Magic. Well, it was based on the book with the same name, but, the story is somewhat different. I actually fell in love with the story, and just watch the movie for entertainment. The prequel, The Rules of Magic, is based on the Aunts, on their brother, from childhood to adulthood, when you are introduced to Sally and Jillian.

I listened to the audio books, and they were wonderful (the times I was traveling four hours round trip, and at work for nine hours). It made the commute time less stressful. I felt like I was in their own world, and seeing everything through their own eyes.

In The Rules of Magic, you learn why the Aunts are the way they are, and many people assumed that in Practical Magic (the movie), that the Aunts had a sister, but no, they had a brother. In the movie, the man running around with the sisters when they were babies, he would be the brother. Ta-dah!!!

If you are keen to the movie, I suggest you pick up The Rules of Magic, and then read Practical Magic. It just makes more sense that way, now that you know about the history.

You can follow Alice Hoffman on the following sites, and learn about her other books:






Fantastic Fiction

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