Blog Tour: The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe by Mary Maurice

First book that I have ever encountered besides Dracula that consisted of nothing but letters . . .


Susan Jordan awakens at her Santa Fe apartment, cloudy and disoriented. Her clothing is unfamiliar. Where has she been? Her nose crinkles as she smells his scent. Jack’s back! Rubber filled legs brace against the stone cold tile floor as she reaches for the pile of mail haplessly setting on the table. Dozens of letters! Jack Monroe never stops. Susan wishes he would just leave, take his advice and go back to Detroit. He’s gaining to much control! He’s taking over!

When I was asked to do the blog tour for this book, I could not help it, I was very intrigued, even just by the title. It is literally a non-stop read, I could not put it down, wondering what would happen at the end (and you should know me by now, I do not give away the endings hee hee hee).

I thought it would be him committing suicide, but it was another way around. This guy became pretty much obsessed with Susan. When I was reading the letters, I thought he was mad. By the way, it is fictional. But, it felt so real. I can read them in my voice. And they were very random (you get little tidbits of random knowledge in the letters, pretty much every single one of them). You get to get into the head of someone who has thoughts that are literally put on paper, and make you think “hhmmm, this guy is nuts!!!”.

You will not be let down once you start reading the book. Pick it up, and enjoy the craziness that you feel are in your head.

About Mary Maurice

Mary Maurice wrote her first poem when she was in the ninth grade, and hasn’t stopped writing since. Catching the fire at an early age, she continues to dedicate her time to the craft.Ms. Maurice has completed several novels of fiction and poetry, and has performed readings in distinct cities around the country. She presently resides in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

You can pick up The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe Here, and trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe by Mary Maurice

  1. Dear Lacey, Thank you for your positive review of The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe. The tender subject of suicide needs to be brought into light, and I hope my book will help open an avenue for dialogue. It’s a dis-ease that needs to start being address by society, and not tucked away into a shadowy closet. Once again, thanks! Mary


    1. Hi Mary,

      I agree. As someone like myself who has loved ones that I have lost, and myself suffering, I truly appreciate books such as these. Thank you writing such a great book.


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