Book Review: The Brute and I by Suzanne Smith

*Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

Reading this book, in my mind, felt like a dramatic play


When Marco struts into Gigi’s grill, Alex wonders if she has found the one. When he takes the seat next to her and strikes up a conversation, She is immediately aroused by the heat of his animal magnetism. There is something she sees in his vulnerable, piercing green eyes that touches her heart. She realizes that she wants this handsome man to be more than just her bedmate. She wants him to be her soulmate.

Marco was instantly smitten the moment he fixed his eyes on Alex. There was something about her warm, sympathetic gaze that filled him with hope. Maybe he had a chance to overcome the bitterness and despair that had blighted his life. Perhaps finally some measure of happiness is within his grasp.

The love between them quickly blossoms, but there is a dark cloud on the horizon. For no reason Marco can see, Alex suddenly becomes sullen and withdrawn. He worries that she is slipping away from him. The idea of losing her affection and being forced to retreat back into the cold, black, pit of despair, is more than he can stand. He only knows one way to deal with the pain he is feeling.

Can their love survive the turmoil and grow into something good once more?

If you like books with emotionally (and possibly mentally) sensitive guys, this is the book for you. I am still getting used to these types of books. The story was very well written, and obviously thought about to a “T”. I loved her words, I loved the story, I loved Alex, but I just cannot shake Marco lol. In the beginning, I thought he was going to kill her, and then I find out how sensitive he is. Like I said, if you love the sensitive man with a good backstory and a woman who is stubborn, mixed together to form one of those relationships that are obviously meant to be, and second chances, this is the book for you.

I give Suzanne 4/5. 4 stars for the overall story, and the words she had spread out on the pages, and opening my eyes to a whole different character.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Brute and I by Suzanne Smith

  1. Hi Lacey,
    Thank you for your honest review of my debut novel The Brute And I. I realize Marco is a character that some readers will most likely not embrace. He is completely ruled by his heart and not his head which at times can make his behavior childish, and very dangerous. In the end, I was hoping to show that he had matured enough to be able to balance his logic and his passion and to act on each accordingly. I think that I achieved that. I’m glad you found the story well written. The structure was a little tricky but it seemed to make more sense for me to start the book after the relationship between Marco and Alex had deteriorated than before, to work my way back from the darkness into the light. Once again, thank you for your review. I appreciate it. Suzanne.


    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you for your comment 😍. I think the way I felt about Marco is because I have never been around sensitive men. His anger part, I have been around, so that was no stranger to me. The story was very well written, as I related my personality to the female. It is all about balance, and you have, indeed, achieved it. Good job.


  2. Yeah. I’m with you. I haven’t been around too many sensitive guys either. But I figured after Marco’s abominable behavior in the opening chapter, he’d better have a really, really, really, really, really sensitive side! If not I would have had to kill him off in Chapter two. LOL.


  3. Well to be honest, I don’t see a book two of The Brute And I. Once Marco and Alex get past the issues that have undermined their relationship in book one, there doesn’t seem to be much more left to say. The problem is solved. Period. I suppose I could conceivably create a second book by putting Marco in a situation where he was forced to resurrect his brutality to survive, like moving the story a few years earlier in time, maybe having him get drafted into the army and put on the front line, but I don’t think so. Alex and Marco have earned their happy ending. I’ll probably leave it at that. I am however working on another stand alone book as we speak. It is about a slightly disfigured man in a mask (think Phantom of the Opera) who falls in love with a prostitute in New Orleans circa 1870. It’s even darker than The Brute And I. The title is Monsieur Renault. I’m enjoying writing it very much!


  4. Oh. Nurse Betty! Yeah. She could definitely kick up some dirt! Sexy and tenacious as hell. But I’d have to kill her off because that would be the only way to get rid of her! 😂 Ironically I never thought about a prequel. I personally like prequels better than sequels, at least most of the time.


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