Guess what!!! I am opening up shop for proofreading. EEEK

I just cannot believe that I am here, and go further into helping authors, with not only book reviews, and now proofreading. I am so excited about this part of my life, and I hope yours as well.

Everyone knows that I love reading. With my love of reading, I am also very detail-oriented, so I catch some errors, even when I am not trying, such as in the newspaper, menus, and even on television. That is when I decided to go into proofreading. With my many years of writing not only very long papers, but book reviews, I decided to put my talent to work, and expand by helping you.

If you have a book that is about to be released, and you feel that you need a fresh set of eyes for grammar, punctuation, and such, let me know. I am here for you. You can contact me at We can discuss pricing, I will answer any questions you may have, and listen to any ideas. Again, I am here for you.

Cannot wait to hear (or read lol) from you.

Thank you for joining in on my announcement, it has been a lot of fun.



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