Book Review: Bad to the Bone by Sam Crescent

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This book is recommended for those who are 18 and older.

I have to say . . . For my first MC book, this was pretty hot. And for the first time, I found a book about a woman with real curves. A woman who wants to be independent. Who will dance to the beat of her own drum. James, on the other hand, well, he’s pretty yummy.


Come and party with the Dirty F*****s MC…

We guarantee great sex, variety, and above all, fun. Interested? Come in and party.

Cora has no choice but to join her friend when she’s determined to go to the local MC club to get laid. Cora’s not the settling down type, and hates dating. Enter a scarred biker, and Cora’s changing her beliefs.

James is the founder and president of the club. With his scarred face, he’s used to being passed over for his brother. But when Cora enters the club, James has to have her.

The adventures of the MC – and James – are about to be brought to light. Can Cora handle the heat? Will James convince his woman that being his old lady is the best decision she’ll ever make?

If you want a book that is sexy, full of men, full of drama, full of cockiness, motorcycles, etc, this is the book for you. I give Bad to the Bone 5/5. Good job Sam!!!

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