Book Review: The Plague: Rise of the Dead by Emir Skalonja

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A zombie novel turned into a movie that is written and created by Emir Skalonja


Love Canal, a tiny neighborhood in Niagara Falls, was envisioned to be a model neighborhood into the western part of the state of New York.

It failed.

Turned into a toxic dump by a ruthless company, the place has become a ghost town, filled with urban refuses and abandoned buildings. Yet, not all of them stand uninhabited. Military trucks cross the broken roads once a month to deliver a mysterious cargo to a secret government installation

Bob, an obstinate conspiracy theorist, has seen the soldiers unloading the body bags. And he plans to make them pay for their blasphemy. Because God speaks to him. God warned him about the Last Days.

Jack and Jill need to find the perfect place to dispose of their dirty work. Love Canal seems to be exactly what they need for the cold and stiff passenger in their car’s trunk. Too bad he isn’t going to stay like that for long.

Becky and Tom love to jog. It helps them stay fit and reinforces their little brother-older sister bond. And Love Canal will make it even stronger as they find themselves fighting to escape from it.

Then, there’s Dwight, a mercenary who has seen his fair share of horrors around the world, but none of them compare to the madness he will be witness to

Six people find themselves trapped in the old toxic waste site, and witness the first hours of a plague that brings the dead back to life.

I have to admit, this is my first zombie novel. And, I have to say, it is completely different from other books that I have read. I actually enjoyed it. Coming from a horror fan, this book kept my interest. Like I said, it was my first zombie book. I have read vampires, witches, axe murders, haunted houses, etc. I can now add The Plague to my growing list of books in this genre.

I applaud Emir for his creativity, and I have to say, his Facebook is not too shabby with all of his updates on his movie. I give him 5/5.

You can follow Emir on the following sites:








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