Book Review: Ace’s Wild by Erika Van Eck

Disclaimer: This blog post has an affiliate link. I will receive a small commission through the purchase of this book that will help the blog support authors without affecting the author.

My first Rockstar book!!! And, it was pretty cute lol


Ace Caplin is a rock start destined for fame but plagued by addiction. That addiction becomes responsible for his plunge to rock bottom. As he begins to put the pieces of his life back together, he’s finally ready to join his band mates on tour again. Little does he know, he’s been replaced. Will this discovery push him over the edge into a drug filled abyss? Or will he make an unforgettable come back?

-Enter Melody-

Mel was at one time an outgoing girl with a passion for life but a couple of years ago her family life was turned upside down by her father’s deceit. She’s left with a broken heart and an emotional scar so deep she may neck trust again. With a little brother to help take care of, college to finish, and trust issues to sort out, will she find love again? This is the journey of two very different individual’s whose lives intertwine and get the chance to have something neither of them ever thought they deserved – Love.

Ace is amazingly cute, and I added him to my list of book boyfriends. Bad boy with a past who has a heart of gold, and can make a girl turn into putty by a look. Yup, I believe he is my new book boyfriend, I hope the others don’t find out 😉

I rate Ace’s Wild 5/5 because it was adorably written, with the right amount of drama and sadness.

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