Book Review: Little French Bistro by Nina George

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

What do you get when you mix Eat, Pray, Love and Under the Tuscan Sun? Nina George’s Little French Bistro. Full of drama, romance, and comedy.


Marianne is stuck in a loveless, unhappy marriage. After forty-one years, she has reached her limit, and one evening in Paris she decides to take action. Following a dramatic moment on the banks of the Seine, Marianne leaves her life behind and sets out for the coast of Brittany, also known as “the end of the world.” Here, she meets a cast of colorful and unforgettable locals and learns it’s never too late to begin the search for what life should have been all along.

The book starts off with her on the edge, carefully removing all of her belongings: jacket, shoes, jewelry, etc. She jumps to meet death, and instead is saved by a random man. Husband finds out what she tried to do, and he walks away from her. Her husband was one of those that you hate automatically. She escapes the hospital, and goes for a journey to Brittany that she saw a picture of. She meets the locals, falls in love, and you will do the same.

The book consists of a beautiful story, and excerpt about the author and the book, as well as some recipes.

I guarantee you that once you get your hands on it, you will not be able to put it down!!!

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