Book Review: Genes of Isis by Justin Newland

*Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

Genes of Isis is a book full of surprises that is special as well as enlightening of a world of Ancient Egypt. From the beginning to the end, it was nonstop action, magic, and twists.

“The GENES OF ISIS is a weave of two threads: the story of the flood from the Book of Genesis and the Ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. It is set in a fantastical world where the sun is emerald green, the sky aquamarine, and humans walk beneath the earth’s oceans circulating in the sky waters.

Akasha is a precocious young girl with dreams of motherhood and of being part of the Surge, the next step in the evolution of an embryonic human race.

Before she was born, the Helios, a tribe of angels from the sun, came to Earth to deliver the Surge. But instead they infected the human race with a hybrid seed, which, if not kept at bay, causes humans to regress into hybrids, and which prevents the release of the Surge.

Horque is a Solarii, another tribe of angels, who are sent to clean up the mess caused by the Helios and find a way to help release the Surge in humans. This they must do before they can return home to their metaphysical state.

When Akasha has a premonition that the flood is coming, the three races – humans, hybrids and Solarii – set out to survive it.

Akasha and Horque finally meet, and a sublime love flashes between them. In the moment, the Watcher angels deliver a mysterious edict that offers a slim chance of survival both for humanity ­and for the Solarii. But can either of them grasp it? Or will the hybrids stop them? Or will they all drown in the coming apocalypse?”

When I first started reading the story, it was automatically dramatic as there was a windstorm of sand and salt. Water slowly disappearing, people fearing for their lives as well as concern for others and their community. Akasha at first seemed to be an innocent little girl, but was actually a strong young lady who becomes a warrior against the elements. I always a love a strong female lead. Especially someone who is magical.

If you like a book that is set in ancient history, and is different from other paranormal/sci-fi books, this is the book for you. A little tip: Read when quiet lol. With all of the characters, and what the story is, what is going on, you will need to concentrate.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Great job Justin, keep up the good work.

If you would like to know more about Justin Newland, here is his Website, Facebook, and Goodreads

What is one of your favorite books that is written in this type of era?



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