Book Review – Josh Hancock

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I met Josh Hancock at the Sinister Creature Con in October 2016. Brilliant man to talk to, brilliant as an author. I got two of his books when I met him, The Girls of October and The Devil and My Daughter. The books were written in a way that I have never read before. When reading the books, and not seeing that they were fictional, you would truly believe that the events in the books actually happened. There are snippets of news articles, letters, scripts, interviews, etc.

The Girls of October

The Girls of October tells the story of a young woman who develops a strange fascination with John Carpenter’s Halloween, believing that somewhere within the 1978 horror classic lays the truth behind an arcane force that has terrorized her since her childhood.

As an escape from a world that has not always been kind, film student Beverly Dreger takes comfort in spooky urban legends, horror movies, and monster magazines. But when a string of bizarre murders draws her closer to the folkloric entity known as “the bogeyman,”. Beverly must unravel the mystery of her past and confront an ancient evil.

An epistolary novel, The Girls of October collects fictional primary sources – newspaper articles, film criticism, screenplays, short stories, interviews, police reports, and more – to tell a chilling story of psychosis, family secrets, and murder.

The Devil and My Daughter

1944: In the heavy pillars of smoke that rise from the crematoriums at Aushwitz, Nazi soldiers hope to catch a glimpse of Moloch, the pagan god of child sacrifice, to whom the Third Reich owes so much of its vile success…

1977: A teenage boy writes a heavy metal song about an ancient evil spirit, unaware that the grisly lyrics will unleash a terrifying figurehead from the bowels of history…

1987: College students and best friends Debra and Charlene are determined to make demonic possession movie more frightening than The Omen and more gruesome than The Exorcist. But when they hire a rock back to pen the film’s “satanic soundtrack,” the young filmmakers are confronted with a supernatural entity determined to plunge Charlene into a world of impossible terror and human sacrifice…an entity with the burning-coal eyes of a demon and the razor-sharp horns of a bull…

Written as a collection of essays, news articles, interviews, scripts, and film scholarship, The Devil and My Daughter tells a horrific story of the occult, Satanic possession, and ritual murder.


When I first picked up the book(s), I was intrigued. I usually read the traditional stories whether they are in first person of third person. There is a story line to it that would lead you to climax at the end of the book. But, in the books by Josh Hancock, they were written more like a film documentary. At least that is how I pictured it in my head as I was reading them. You know, those documentaries on The History Channel, CNN, etc. You have the interviews, the voice recordings, pictures, videos and such. That is how you will see it in your mind when you are reading these books. You have the voice of the characters, you will see a vintage video of interviews from the eighties.

I recommend these books to anyone who love the independent horror. Future filmmakers, future authors, readers, current authors . . . Anyone who is looking for a different way to write or to give that different perspective to readers and viewers. It is different, it is exciting, and I guarantee you that you will not be able to put these books down.

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