Friday Fun Day

Image result for friday funday meme IT’S FRIDAY!!! You know what that means?  It is Friday FunDay.  What is Friday FunDay you ask? It is a day where you can just sit back and relax.  Relax by watching a TV show (for example, I am currently watching The Big Bang Theory), while creating this post, and drinking coffee, of course. I want to keep all of you in mind.  I want to include you into my Fridays.  It is after all my favorite day of the week (besides Saturday hee hee).

What have I done this week?  Well, I got the The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, which was released a couple of weeks ago.  I cannot get enough of anything fairies regardless if it William Shakespeare fairies or the ugly Karen Marie Moning Fairies.

We are in the mode where we are packing and moving out of our place and into a smaller place while we (slowly) build our house. I am coming up with little ideas for my reading/office area, and at the same time, thinking of what to do this summer. Such as going to events, explore different book stores, etc.

I am already stoked about going to some events this year so far: Berkeley author event (April), Creature Con (June), San Francisco Author Event (August). I FINALLY got my Facebook page up and running. It only took me a month. For some reason, it kept getting disabled. So, I had to do it a second time, and SUCCESS!!!

What am I currently reading? I have a few. Chasing the Light by Sherry Hutchinson, a couple of books from Josh Hancock, and an audio book by Jackson Baer called The Earth Bleeds Red.

I have lost my job so I am now able to focus on my family and my writing. Writing and reading is what I love, so I can focus on it at the same time focus on my child. I am not on the computer as long (9 hours before!!!), so I am able to limit myself now, so my migraines are not as bad. I am almost done with school (yeehaw).

Tell me, what are you currently reading? What do you do on a Friday?

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I will see you on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone



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