Media Madness Monday – Stephen King’s It

My family and I are were sitting in a restaurant for lunch, and my daughter showed me a picture of one of the kids in the new It. I told her that that version is not the first, and is nothing like what I had grown up with. She gives me this look like she does not believe me. I proceed to bring up pictures of Tim Curry who played the original Pennywise. She said she like the new Pennywise. I told her the movie(s) are based on a book. Then she really looked at me crazy. I showed her who the author is, and the book. She proceeds to tell me she likes the new It movie. I need to let you know. She is a preteen and I am wrong about everything lol.

I still cannot believe she does not believe about how the new version is not the original, lol, even when we have it. I read the book in high school, and Tim Curry is just frightening as Pennywise. Let’s face it Tim Curry is a genius with his acting. Stephen King is a genius with his writing. Because of this story, I became terrified of clowns, that and Poltergeist (which today, at 36, I still cannot watch because of that clown scene).

Which do you prefer? The book or the movie? Which adaptation of the movie do you like more? The original or the remake? Did you know they are coming out with a Part 2? I never saw the new one, and I heard that it was complete just like the original, but is it really necessary to do a sequel? Thoughts please 🙂

Enjoy your week, and let me know what book you are currently reading.



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