Wizard of Oz

Ok, for some odd reason, a lot of TV channels start airing Wizard of Oz around the holidays.  I, myself, do not see the connection.  Maybe it is because Dorothy finally realized what home is all about.  It is not necessarily blood, but people you love and surround you.  That is probably what it is.

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Have you ever read the book?  The book is actually very interesting compared to the movie.  But, both have great qualities. The book itself has many more characters than the movie.  I honestly love the little China girl.  The hammerheads . . . they scared me as a child lol.  Glenda is actually a very old lady, who protects Dorothy by kissing her on the forehead.  Not using the ruby red slippers.  Oh! And yes, there are pictures


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The movie, is visually beautiful.  The colors, the characters, the dancing, etc.  My favorite part of the movie?  When Dorothy first walks into Munchkin Land after the house lands.  Second is the part when they finally arrive at Emerald City.


Which do I prefer?  I honestly cannot choose as they are both special in their own ways.  Which do you prefer and why?

Bonus: Why do you think Wizard of Oz is always tied into the holidays?



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