Friday Fun Day – Sharing is Caring

It’s FRIDAY!!! Whoohoo!!! I literally yell that in my head all day every Friday lol.  Let’s play a little catch up shall we?

I am REALLY enjoying Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman on my commute to work and back home.  On my lunches when I am home, I read Bound in Fate by my bestie E F Rose. I just got another book to add to my To Be Read pile, which will be started shortly by Aaron Speer.  That is why I LOVE weekends lol, I get to curl up either in bed or on the couch with my hoodie and my sharks blanket and just get lost in a book, with a cup or two of coffee.


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I believe Friday Fun Day should include some #FollowFridays in my posts.  An author or a fellow blogger.  Hhhhmmmm, which one should I do today?  I think I should rave about my bestie’s book(s).  E F Rose is first of all, a badass woman.  She is amazing on paper, and she is amazing in person.  I have watched her characters blossom, and even she makes me wait until the next book for things to come lol.  She is currently writing her third book in the Fallen Guardian books.  The first book Divinely Entwined is the first book in the series, while Bound in Fate is the second book.  She not only writes novels, but she also writes really hot poetry.  Like steamy hot lol.




Image may contain: textIf you like JR Ward, you will love her books.  Now, to be clear, I am telling you this out of honesty, not because she is my bestie, but she was and Indie Book Nominee in 2016.  I have learned of these characters as she goes, FOR YEARS and the fact that they are on paper, and sitting on my bookshelves, and can be seen, means a lot.  These characters are bad ass, the demons are very much demons, and the women do not put up with a lot of the Guardians crap lol.  I know I have heard of Christian (one of the Guardians) for years and years, but Manuel has got to be my favorite.  The first book is mainly on Christian, but the second book is on Manuel.  So far nothing has steered me away from him.  Just like my John Matthew in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  I just have a favorite lol.

Image may contain: 3 people, outdoor and text

If you like a book that is steamy, full of hot guys, has violence, and wings . . . these are the books for you.  And while you are at it, pick up Echoes and you will never put it down, and you will never look back.

Christmas is around the corner, so you can find her books at Amazon, and get them within a few days, it is not too late.  You have a family member or a friend who loves fantasy novels, these will sure win over their hearts.

Click on the pictures and they will take you to their Amazon pages.  You have the options of ebook and paperback.  Go ahead, give them a whirl




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