Friday Fun Day

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies” – George R. R. Martin

I love Fridays . . . next to Saturdays.  The day after I finished Practical Magic, I started the prequel . . . Rules of Magic.  I am surprised by this book.  There is a character in there that I did not expect.  I am already have way through after a couple of days (I commute two hours a day), and I have laughed and I have cried so far.  I cannot imagine what the end will be like.

I have books ordered, all kinds of books.  I cannot wait to get my paws on them.  This is the first time I have ever read any Christmas books.  I have not read one Christmas themed book (that was based around Christmas, kind of like Hallmark).  I like physical books.  There is just something about the touch, the smell, the sight, the sound of the pages turning.  I have had ebooks before, and I experienced the worst.  I lost all of them.  After that horrific experience I decided to stay with my physical books.

Which makes me want to know what you prefer.  Ebooks?  Paperbacks? Hardcovers?  Why do you prefer that format?




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